ALC Shelbyville

Missionary Marketers is honored to be partnering with ALC Shelbyville to provide rebranding, web, and social media marketing.

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LAFWA, a mission organization serving the Haitian community based in the Dominican Republic, needed a quick site build and marketing strategy. Missionary Marketers had a solution.

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Hikes Point Christian Church

When Hikes Point Christian Church launched new services and service times, they chose Missionary Marketers to develop a promotional strategy and design campaign.

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You Have a Story. Tell it.

Missionary Marketers was created to provide the best in design, branding, communications, and marketing services to missionaries, sending organizations, and other non-profit ministries. Whether you are an independent missionary who needs a new brochure created, or you’re a multi-national organization looking to refresh your brand, your logo, or your website, Missionary Marketing is here to provide affordable solutions.


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Don’t think that the name Missionary Marketers means that I only offer services and solutions for missionaries. I also partner with churches and other non-profit and para-church ministries to deliver the same type of support. I have worked with startup ministries and have even provided communication strategies for one of the largest Christian churches in the United States.